New Stickers added to JDM Range

Talented Young Designer adds vinyl and paper stickers to the collection

We recently opened our online store and added a whole new range of paper and vinyl stickers. We intend to add more lines in the near future with clothing  - hoodies and tees for instance, but for now we are getting our fabulous sticker designs out there. 

Created by James, a very talented young designer, these latest designs are all influenced by the Japanese Domestic Market car scene. As an awesome young gamer, James has drawn on his influence from playing online and gained ideas from experiences and people all over the world.

He created an online presence, firstly on Instagram using the tag jdmxmonstaz and this quickly spiralled to over 20,000 followers. He decided to create a new channel solely for his illustrations. This one is night.monsters and is where he showcases his designs. Feel free to head over to those Instagram pages to follow him.

James also created a large following on YouTube. He created the Night Monsters Channel using "jdm x monstaz" and that channel can be visited by clicking here

At time of this news item, one of his videos was being used as the homepage video (deskop version  of the website).

JDMX Vinyl stickers in the collection

A selection of the illustrations created by James were made into high quality vinyl stickers due to the demand from his followers on social networking. These stickers are now on the website for sale. Click here to see the JDM Vinyl Stickers range

The most popular design at the time of writing this news item was the purple and white NightMonsters design.

It's simple, elegant design with Japanese writing underneath looks stunning in bright gloss vinyl. All the vinyl stickers on the site are created with the following characteristics:

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Hard-wearing
  • Strong adhesion
  • Water resistant
  • Non-yellowing
  • Tear resistant
  • Glossy high quality vinyl

JDMX Paper stickers in the collection

Along with the great vinyl stickers on the website, we appreciate that no everyone has a car that they want to slap a vinyl sticker on, so we also created many of James's designs into paper versions. These are printed on high quality paper using commercial digital printing. These are available for sale on the website now by clicking here.